Frequently Asked Questions about Samsung Unlocking

Here are the most commonly asked questions by our customers. If your question is not answered then feel free to contact customer support

What does unlocking exactly mean?

Unlocking a cell phone is the process by which you remove the "lock" on the sim card in that phone. The lock is placed there by cell phone manufacturers so that the phone will only operate with their cellular network service. By removing this lock, your Samsung Mobile phone will be able to connect to any network of your choosing. Samsung Unlocking has so many benefits which is why the process is very popular among samsung users.

What information you need to unlock my samsung?

The wonderful thing about our service compared to competitor services, is that we ONLY need your Samsung's IMEI number to unlock it. Other services require you to download and install software and connect your Samsung mobile to your computer and go through a whole complicated process. Unlock Samsung doesn't make you go through that mess!

Is it legal to Unlock Samsung Phones?

Yes, it is 100% legal in ALL countries to Unlock your Samsung phone - BUT ONLY BY OUR METHOD... Some countries have laws against using software to "hack" a mobile device, which is why other sites who offer to unlock your samsung might be violating your countries laws. However, Unlock Samsung's method is 100% legal, everywhere.

How long does it take?

One thing we work hard on is expediancy. We are known for having the quickest delivery time for unlocking any model in any country. The exact time depends on your specific location and samsung phone. Once you select your country and samsung model on the order page, you will see the guaranteed time frame. Also, if you order "Express" delivery then you will get your samsung sim unlock code MUCH faster!

How do I enter the Samsung Unlocking Codes?

When you recieve your unlock code from us, you will be given specific unlock instructions for your model and country!

Which samsung unlock codes do you provide?

Many samsung users are not aware that there are usually 4 different codes for each model. Here is a quick once-over of the samsung unlock codes. Keep in mind that we are the ONLY Samsung Unlock Service that gives you ALL four unlocking codes.
  • Network Unlock(NCK) - This is the main samsung unlock sim code that you use to free your samsung sim card to use on other cell phone providers
  • Defreeze(MCK) - This is the code that is CRUTIAL if you or someone has unsuccessfully entered unlock codes on your samsung phone. Each phone only allows a few false unlock code entries before it "freezes" it up. We are the ONLY website that provides you this code!
  • Sub Provider Code (SCK) - This code is basically a secondary lock that is usually not used by cell phone manufacturers. But if it is used on your phone, you will be glad you ordered from us because only we provide you with the sub provider code!
  • Service Provider Code (SPCK) - This code is specific to the network service who sponsored the samsung mobile such as AT&T, Fido, T-Mobile, Orange, 3, Telcel, Vodofone, and more..

What is an IMEI number?
Each mobile phone has an International Mobile Equipment Identity, or IMEI number. It's basically the serial number of the samsung phone. It is usually found on the sticker inside the battery compartment or back of the phone. It can also be displayed on your phone by entering *#06# into the keypad. The IMEI number is what you need to provide us after placing your order because it is how we are able to find your samsung phone's unlock codes.

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