The New SPH-M580

The New SPH-M580 Samsung Replenish™ Android smart phone blends technology and the modern day style. This phone is one of the new breed of smart phones that have an environmentally friendly packaging due to its plastic being recyclable. The current technological and environmental urges are in favor of this feature.
The SPH-M580 has an elegant QWERTY keyboard and very user friendly. Its 2.8 large Quarter View Graphics Array (QVGA) touch screen displays all the colors living you with some of the best graphics in the phone world. The outlook of SPH-M580 is availed in many sought for colors like the “Onyx Black, Arctic Blue and the Raspberry Pink.
The connectivity of the new SPH-M580 is designed to suit the modern day WiFi technology which enables the user to access the internet in all places that have hotspots. This connection gives you a very high speed while downloading, uploading and video chatting.
The Replenish™ uses the Android 2.2 Froyo phone operating system which now the most popular phone operating system used by almost all the smart phones. Since there are many Android smart phones, it will be easy for any SPH-M580 user to access diverse number of applications that are now available for Android smart phones.
Other specifications include a 32GB External/MicroSD capacity memory card and an internal memory of 130MB Internal. With a size of 4.84” x 2.36 x 0.45” and a weight of 4.1 ounces the Replenish™ stands out as one of the new phones of the season.